Provide Your Push Credentials

To send push notifications to your app on your behalf, UnifyID PushAuth™ needs:

  • For Android, an FCM/GCM server key
  • For iOS, an Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificate


Find Your FCM Server Key

To retrieve your Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) server key, navigate to your Firebase project settings, and click on “Cloud Messaging”. Copy the token labeled “Server key”.


Add to Dashboard

Visit your project settings on the UnifyID Developer Dashboard, paste the key, and click “Add”:



Create a .p12 Certificate

To create the certificate, please visit the Apple Developer Account Certificates Portal and make sure to choose “Apple Push Notification Service SSL (Sandbox & Production)”.


Once you’ve created and downloaded the certificate, go into your keychain and export the private key that was used for the push certificate as a .p12 file, and choose to export it without a password.


Upload to Dashboard

Once you have the .p12 file, visit your project settings in the dashboard and upload it.


If you are going to be sending pushes to the development/sandbox environment of APNs, check the box labeled “Send notifications through Apple’s development APNs servers.” Otherwise, notifications will be sent through the production environment.

Next Steps

You’ve set up the SDK and uploaded your push credentials to UnifyID. That means you’re ready to send your first PushAuth notification!

Send Your First Push