UnifyID PushAuth™ adds a secure, user-friendly factor to your existing authentication system. You can use PushAuth at any point in your users’ flow, whether it’s as a 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) step, or as part of Step-Up Authentication for more sensitive actions.

How It Works

PushAuth integrates with your existing Android and iOS apps and lets users approve or reject activity happening on other platforms or devices (eg, your website). Here’s an example flow:

  1. A login attempt is made on your website with the correct username/password.
  2. Before allowing the attempt through, PushAuth sends a push notification to your app on the user’s mobile device, asking them to approve or reject the login attempt.
  3. If the user recognizes the login as their own, they approve it and are now logged in on the web.
  4. If the user does not recognize the attempt, they reject it and the attacker is stopped.

Key Features

  • Secure delivery
    Emails and text messages can become compromised, revealing one-time codes to attackers.
  • No codes, just a single tap to approve
    One-time codes are tedious and introduce user error. Some are time based and expire quickly.
  • Consistent experience
    Our SDKs are integrated into your existing apps. There are no third-party apps to download.
  • Low Cost
    PushAuth is free for a limited time and future pricing will always be significantly lower than SMS.

Integration Steps

Our integration guide is broken down into a few sections:

  1. SDK Setup
  2. Provide Your Push Credentials
  3. Send Your First Push
  4. Trusted Registration

If you are interested in examples, blog posts, tutorials and more information related to this product, check out the PushAuth™ Additional Resources section.

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