HumanDetect™ API

Use the HumanDetect API to verify tokens generated by the HumanDetect SDK. What does HumanDetect do? Read the overview.

HumanDetect tokens are generated by the SDK for both humans and bots, so all tokens need to be passed to the API to determine the outcome.

Verify a HumanDetect token

Use this endpoint to verify a token generated by the HumanDetect SDK.

POST /v1/humandetect/verify

Request Body

Request body format: application/json.

Name Type Description
token string The token generated by the HumanDetect SDK


200 The token has been successfully verified by UnifyID. Returns an instance of VerifyTokenResponse.

400 A badRequest type error may be returned when the token is missing or incorrectly formed. Returns an instance of Error.

Successful Token Verification

The VerifyTokenResponse object represents a successful verification of a HumanDetect token.

Name Type Description
valid boolean Indicates human (true) or bot (false).
identifier string The identifer provided to the SDK during token generation.
timestamp string Timestamp of when the token was created, as determined by the device.

Format: date-time

checksum string A checksum representing the data collected by the device.
version integer Token version, currently always 1.


Errors returned by the API follow a consistent structure.

Name Type Description
code string A code representing the type of error encountered.

invalidRequest, badRequest, unauthorized, forbidden, internalError

message string Human readable value providing more detail about the error.