UnifyID HumanDetect™ helps you determine whether a user of your app is a human or a bot. While the purpose is similar to a CAPTCHA, HumanDetect is completely passive, creating a frictionless user experience.

How It Works

HumanDetect applies advanced machine learning to behavioral biometrics to passively evaluate whether or not a human is in possession of the device running your app. Among other signals, it evaluates how the device is held or situated and how the app is being interacted with.

When requested by your mobile app, the SDK generates a unique token that you send to your backend to verify with UnifyID.

If the token verification process finds that the app is being used by a bot, depending on your app’s behavior, you could then:

  1. Permit or deny access to the APIs that power your app.
  2. Throttle or otherwise restrict app functionality.
  3. Flag the account for further review.

Integration Steps

Integration is an easy 2-step process:

  1. Integrate the HumanDetect iOS SDK into your app
  2. Verify the token with the verification API

If you are interested in examples, blog posts, tutorials and more information related to this product, check out the HumanDetect Additional Resources section.

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