Create Your First Project

Create a UnifyID account and get started with your first project.

Create an Account

In order to create a project and get access to API and SDK keys, you’ll need an account with UnifyID.

Create a Free Developer Account

A UnifyID account gives you access to the Developer Dashboard, which allows you to manage your projects and settings.

Create a Project

Once you’re signed in, create your first project:

  • A project represents your application.
  • A project grants you access to all UnifyID services.
  • You can create multiple projects if you’re using UnifyID for multiple apps.

Sandbox vs Production
You’ll want to create one project for development/sandbox purposes and a separate project for your live/production environment.

API & SDK Keys

To access the APIs and initialize the SDKs, you’ll need keys for each:

API keys give you access to the Server APIs.

  • Create them from your project settings
  • These keys are private and should be securely kept on your server

Important: API keys, unlike SDK keys, are displayed to you only once, right after creation. Be sure to copy it down to a safe place, otherwise you’ll need to create another key.

SDK keys are used to initialize the iOS and Android SDKs.

  • Create them from your project settings
  • One SDK key can serve both platforms (iOS and Android)
  • These keys are embedded in your apps

Once you’ve got everything set up, you’re ready to start integrating: