UnifyID GaitAuth™ allows you to passively authenticate users based on their individual manner of walking, known as “gait”. Our mobile SDKs apply advanced machine learning to the device’s motion data, allowing you to know whether the person in possession of the phone is who they claim to be or a potential attacker.

How It Works

The UnifyID GaitAuth SDK provides simple APIs to integrate passive gait-based authentication into your mobile application in just three easy steps:

  1. Integrate the GaitAuth SDK into your app
  2. Create and train models for your users
  3. Utilize gait feature scores from trained models in authentication flows in your app

Key Features

  • Secure authentication
    GaitAuth correctly identifies users with accuracy rivaling that of other biometric authentication methods.
  • Delight your users
    Go beyond difficult-to-remember passwords, out-of-band one-time passcodes, and other explicit authentication methods.
  • Flexible and multi-purpose
    Because GaitAuth is completely passive, authenticating no longer means interrupting your user. Step-up or continuous authentication can happen invisibly, in the background.
  • Differentiate your product
    Clearly differentiate your product or service from competitors by offering passive authentication.

Integration Steps

Our integration guide contains the following sections:

  1. SDK Setup
  2. Model Training
  3. Feature Scoring
  4. Authenticating

If you are interested in examples, blog posts, tutorials and more information related to this product, check out the GaitAuth™ Additional Resources section.

Let’s Begin!