Learn how to easily integrate UnifyID into your apps and services.

Integration Overview

  • Sign up and create your first project.
  • Get started with the GaitAuth™ integration guide.
    GaitAuth allows you to passively authenticate users based on their individual manner of walking, known as “gait”. We apply advanced machine learning to the device’s motion data, with no explicit action from users.
  • Get started with the PushAuth™ integration guide.
    PushAuth gives you a secure, user-friendly way to enhance your authentication process. Skip the codes, texts, and emails and let your users approve login attempts directly from your app on their phone.
  • Get started with the HumanDetect™ integration guide.
    HumanDetect gives app owners a way to determine whether a human or bot is in possession of the device running their app. Similar in purpose to a CAPTCHA, but completely passive and frictionless.

API and SDK References

SDK Reference

GaitAuth Android SDK
GaitAuth iOS SDK

PushAuth Android SDK
PushAuth iOS SDK

HumanDetect Android SDK
HumanDetect iOS SDK
HumanDetect JavaScript SDK

API Reference

HumanDetect Token Verification API
PushAuth API